Fucked up family.

It fucked up how people expect them to respect them, and in fact shamelessly ask for it. and treat you like crap. What are you supposed to do with those kinda people? Ignore? I know the best option, but what if that person is your family, you are left with nothing. you die dealing with them till your last breathe. This is fucked up fate.

Being stuck with a family who say they love you, but want you to become a person, they want me to be. conditional love every fucking where. I’m being judged for the guys i have been with. i was desperate for love, found my own ways to fulfill the love they couldn’t give and i craved.

Maybe people like me, will never understand what others want in their life from YOU. Guess what, i don’t care anymore. I wont actually. Its been 22 years of suffering with so called FAMILY. Why are they even called family when there is no love, support or caring, just selfishness.

A father who thinks He know the perfect equation for living happily, That is following the so called rules of society, and not giving a fuck about oneself. A mother, who doesn’t know how to love or talk to a person, only thing she knows is to rant about how fucked ones past is. And a younger sister, who doesn’t give a fuck about family and always in her own world.

Why couldn’t i be born in a normal family. sigh.


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