Chapter 3

Katie brown always wondered if the relationship she shared with Harvey was passionate affection or the craving she craved? They both wanted to believe it was love, but their sexuality always had a way to get its way through them. They both wanted to be responsible adults and get settled in life, so they could marry one another. Was it just a fantasy they both had, which bought them together, or were they meant to be together?

Harvey was aware of his uncontrollable sensuality and would apologize often. He was always paranoid, that Katie would leave him because she would think it was just lust he had for her. He was scared he wouldn’t be able to express what she meant to him. He was always honest and loyal but never double-faced. He loved her more than anything, and wanted to make her, his only forever wife. He wanted that life forever, the romantic relationship, with lots of oozing love. KATVEY against the world.

Katie had different plans for the future, sure she wanted him to be her life partner, but she wanted more than a life partner, she wanted a partner in crime. She didn’t want to give up her playful nature, she didn’t want to be all grown up, she wanted to be childish and amateur even when she gets old. She wanted excitement and surprises in life. She didn’t want to plan the future, she wanted to flow like a leave in the river, flow with streams, experience each and every moment of life.

Harvey wanted a house and spend time with Katie, but she wanted to travel the world, and never stay in one place. She was crazy, and that’s what Harvey adored about her. the question was why did Katie like him? He wasn’t that smart-looking, he was weak with his language skills, he was a plan everything person, what made Katie stay with Harvey for one and half years. Why did she want to spend rest of the life with a person totally opposite of her, a person who wanted everything opposite of what she wanted.

The relationship they shared was astonishment for the people around. Everyone knew they were very different from each other, but have been together since they have met. “Why him? “, “why her? ” were the questions asked by their friends , family and people around. They would just smile,because even they didn’t know, why they wanted each other.




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