Episode 1 of 13 reasons why.

First episode of 13 reasons why, and I was disturbed by my past. I remembered myself back in high school, I remembered the first time i walked into my second college and the stares people gave me.

The first episode was about how she had her first dreamy kiss with a boy in high school and how that jock spreads a picture of her to the whole school and rumour spread that they did it.

This series was a suggestion by my close friend peter, who says he felt like the guy when I was gone from my second college. There were rumours, not the ones which you could ignore, the ones which hurt your self-esteem.

It made me think about how one of my ex in high school told everyone we did it, even though we didn’t, and how people treated me like a slut through out my schooling. even my parents. It still hurt because the people who knew all this and told me they would stick by my side, didn’t. and now I’m left all alone here.

Peter cares, but its more like a fantasy. Its been seven years since it all started, and I’m still not over it. I have been suffering all this within my head, faking a smile.

Maybe this series will help me get over my past.





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