Chapter 2

All her insecurities and doubts are put to rest when they talked on the phone, he just had a way to make a hole through that bricks of the high wall she built. She always believed, he could make her happy no matter what, this change in her she felt every time, she spoke to him, was a surprise.

Katie brown was the biggest animal lover alive, she used to treat people like animals and animals like people. She owned a dog, Muffin and a cat, snowball. She rescued them in abroad, and got them to her state when they moved. She named her cat snowball from the movie, Stuart Little. And the dog, well she loved muffin. She took Muffin for a walk with her dad, and all she could think about was, how much muffin meant to her.

He noticed that she had changed her Instagram name, and questioned her why? Playful that she was, told him,  he had his name alone, so she kept her name alone. he smiled, and gave her a flying kiss. This is what he liked in her, even after so many troubled period, she still had a pure heart and soul, just like a child.

Meanwhile, at Katie’s home, she was happy that she spoke with him, and he seemed normal. The only thing which was bothering her was, Harvey said “sorry”, without any notice. I mean he hadn’t done anything to her to hurt her, out of the blue, said sorry. it bothered her more than it should. Last time he said sorry was because, he had smoked, and thought bad about Katie . What was it now, he was saying sorry, was all Katie could think of, lying on the bed. She slept off thinking about him, and dreams weren’t polite to her either.

She got and checked her phone for a text from him to forget all the negative vibes her dreams gave her. And was relieved when she found a good morning text from him. she was the luckiest girl indeed.

No matter how much Katie tried, hiding her insecurities, he always got to taste her bitter words often. Harvey knew something was wrong, but he didn’t know what. he wanted to help, but he didn’t know how. he wanted to save her, but also wanted to get saved himself. he was in this situation where, he could handle himself and Katie became his responsibility, which he didn’t know how to take care of. All he trusted was in love.

She did realize, when her words hurt him, because nobody knew him, like she did. She wanted to make things right, she couldn’t let him suffer her bitterness, because she was insecure. so she decided to call him, make him feel better. Her heart was throbbing hard when he didn’t attend the call first time. Was he too upset to talk to her? PING. He messaged someone was home, so he had to take care of that. She pushed her insecurities aside and waited for him to call her.

Katie wasn’t afraid of being different, she was scared of being same, which made her decisions all the time. She refuse to stay in college and get a degree, it was same as everyone else. That cause an unknown stress in her, more like an anxiety attack and always messed up, she wasn’t dumb, she always got the highest marks in her class. But she didn’t want that normal track people went on, she loved adventure, more than anything. Her imagination was vast, yet slightly wicked.

She was drying her clothes in the balcony, and suddenly heard some dripping of liquid. she knew it was water, but her mind wouldn’t just stop at that. She wanted to believe it was blood dripping, and someone was lying dead on top of her grilled balcony. And someone looking at her from the above floor, but she wasn’t able to see his face.

Wickedness is a gift, she believed. Not everyone had wicked sense of humour, sure people had sadism in them, but wickedness was rare. Harvey was wicked in the mind, but not in reality, which was kind of when Katie lost her the one tag above his head. He was very sadist but not wicked, that really bothered her unconsciously. He stopped finding him sexy when he tried to make move, she actually hated the way he was when he said erotic things, try to be sexy for her, she was turned off by them, but she pretended that it made her wet, and the poor Harvey believed her. She loved him.

Harvey said many things, but his actions never said anything his mind said to her. His fight was when she realized he was wicked. But after they got together, he never saw the wickedness in him for others, he showed some signs of sadism towards her, but not wickedness. Being away from him, she realized so many things about him, and it hurt her, thinking everything she taught about him was a misinterpretation. And as hard as she wanted to move on without him in life, that much she wanted to be with him. She was confused in love. She always believed the vibes she felt, but these vibes were confusing her, everyone around her said Harvey had negative vibes, but she saw positive vibes in him. Sometimes she felt, she wasn’t good enough for him, because he needed someone who would take care of him, and help him in every move he makes. but Katie had no time for that, she wanted adventure in life. She didn’t have time, to take care of people, because she had to take care of the cravings for adventure. She wanted love, but not the one they show on television, but the one who didn’t need any emotional mess. Katie get overwhelmed when it comes to emotions. After her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, she couldnt keep anyone before herself, even if she wanted.











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