Not wanting relationship or playing hard to get?

I don’t why people don’t get my statement, ” I want to focus on my career and not in relationships” as a playing hard to get. I mean why don’t they just believe it’s what I want for real.

There is this guy who i used to have friends with benefits kind of relationship before. And now I let him back in my life, and it feels like he thinks im still the same person, who wants benefits. I don’t want anything but a supporting friend.

why is it so hard to make friends who don’t like me, or fantasize about my body,  they don’t want to get to know me and my thoughts. All they want to talk about is how perfect my body is.

I sometimes mistake it to be my fault to being an open-minded woman around him, but then later realize, that’s what I am. i like sexual jokes and comments as jokes, i literally don’t want to bang someone when i tell them any jokes like that. why is it so hard for them to understand

Ash made me feel like im good enough for sex but not good enough to be his girlfriends in every move in the past, and now he just gives me an excuse that he just didn’t used to meet me or ditch me because he was always bankrupt.

I mean the only time I met him mostly was when we were intimate with each other. he never met me for walks or just hangouts, yes sure he was texting me about how he wanted us in future, but his actions didn’t show anything to what his text said.

And I feel very weird trying to tell him, how he made me feel. And now he blames me that im trying hard to get, even though I told him clearly, i don’t want him.

Especially after Harvey she didn’t want anything to do with guys, she really liked him, but he turned out to be a jerk for whom she gave up her career again. so she wants to put her career first.

A girl wants to experience self-love and nothing else, make new friendships. but apparently nobody wants to be friends with me. everybody wants to be my boyfriend or just get into my pants.


I’m not going to stress about what others what, I need to be selfish and do what makes me happy. And that’s exactly what i am going to do.


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