Belittled because of skin.

Its four days before I release my model portfolio on online, and i have already started receiving comments like that dress wont suit you, you look dark in red and can’t cant or shouldn’t.

Who comes up with what looks good on me, who are they to make me doubt my own skin. Who are they to tell me I should wear certain kind of dress? why do they always pull you back, when you are trying to get back up in life? why are people are so worried about making mistakes, that they pull others also down from  trying?

All these questions were all over my head, when I saw these texts from people who were close tome,partially reminding me, of my emotional abusive relation but this time i smiled.

I wasnt going to listen to people, I wasnt going to take their comments on my heart and doubt myself, instead i was going to prove them wrong. Prove them wrong, about everything, they told me i cant.

I wasnt going to let criticism get to me…


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