new beginnings : March.

Yesterday was last day of February 2017, and it was never going to come back. March month started out really well.  I’m finally starting my travelling, yay. I’m so happy. Now that I’m thinking about air hostess, I don’t want to be air hostess anymore, I feel I was rushing it. I can’t hide my scars who am I kidding. Even if I get plastic surgery done, it would be a waste of money. I think by joining that job, ill spoil my character, or will have a mask on my face. Which is not what I had in my mind for my future?

So this travelling, I have to make note of small things, collect few things for my travel journal, click pictures for portfolio and so much more. In March I’ll try recovering harder than the last two months. I really have to be patient and wait for what life has for me. I have to pack, and ill be travelling by train, finally.

This month I wont :


2.skip walking junk

4.fight with people.

I will :

1.get organised

2. smile more.

3. spread love 🙂


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