Maybe life does gives us signs here and there, and we as it is are too ignorant to notice them. And like a cherry on top of an ice cream, we blame everything except us for where we stand now.

My dad said he wont send me, for Air hostess, if there is no security for my stay, well he isn’t wrong. it’s the capital of the city, and rape cases have drastically increased in that area, I don’t want to fight and get my arse there. Because let’s be honest, just because I’m skinny now, doesn’t mean I’m good-looking. my parents tell me I look like a good kid, but parents are parents after all, they will find me good looking.

So air hostess, isn’t my choice after all, maybe I have to study and get a secured job, no matter how much I hate it, and try to do something I think ill like, I always end up dropping out. architecture, journalism, and multimedia.

With so many things happening in my life, I think I can write a book of my own, with all my life stories in it, and people actually love listening to my stories. There are times, where I feel they are friends with me for the entertaining stories I have.

So I have tried those three, let me try out being a writer and psychologist. and there are many more to add to the list.


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