Sunday Morning not so.

I managed to force myself out of the bed, even though I didn’t want to. I got dressed up and went to the church, the pastor said so many things which I disagreed, some of which I agreed also. All of my church time went in thinking what I wanted to be, air hostess? in between tuning myself to listen to the pastor,  deciding whether I agree or disagree. with all of this  I survived the church.

I called him the first thing I got back and BAM, he managed to spoil my mood. With all of that going in my head, I think I acted like a sarcastic bitch, and he also was being a dick. ended up fighting. the worst part about when we fight is, I start to think about all the wrong things he said, which irritate me now. like , I said I wanted attending a program tomorrow and he said don’t expose yourself or else you’ll get annoys the fuck out of me when people talk about my dressing. it irritated me even more, because my grandfather said, why are you wearing beach costume to the church, and repeated it a least few times. All I was wearing was jetting and sweatshirt, who the fuck wears that to beach.

I don’t judge people, but when people judge me, sometimes I can take, but sometimes like now, I can’t. so with this fight me and my boyfriend went to somewhere, where we said to each other, we wont come back of each other, if one of us left. he said it because I know it would piss me off. I said it, because of the same reason. So yeah.



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