NOT a Lover.

I know my parents aren’t the biggest people who express love, I mean I get it, it difficult for you guys to show, and that’s okay. But why don’t you get out of your comfort zone, once, especially when we are studying in college and ask you to visit us. Obviously we have kept a distance from you, and if we are calling you, it’s mainly because we feel lost and we need support.

I have tried explaining that to my parents but well, I spoiled my life so I have no rights to tell them, what we actually want. it’s a sad thing to see, even my sister go through the same thing. My parents don’t actually get it. and never will. Right now all I can do, is talk to her and make her feel comfortable on phone, because they ain’t sending me.

Whenever I tried asking my dad to send me, he just kept asking what kinds of problems, why is she so upset about, it’s life, you should learn to adjust lecture was up. Well, we would be adjusting nature, if they had not been so strict at the wrongs things and had been strict at the required things. When someone is down you don’t tell them, get up, move on and blah. what kind of consoling is that?

I couldn’t explain why my sister had been depressed lately, I mean there are a lot of things which he doesn’t know, firstly she is bisexual, and I totally cool with it, but I don’t think my parents will. Secondly she broke up with her girlfriend, who has cancer. thirdly there is this guy who likes her, but is leaving college because she rejected him, fourthly her best friend doesn’t like this guy, so he stopped talking to her. How am I suppose to explain this to him?


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