Nothing Productive.

I haven’t done anything productive today, but the good news is my boyfriend and I are in talking terms again. And he is being super sweet and cheesy which I’m also in the mood of listening. He is being all supportive, kind of cute if you see, because he’s never done that before. I mean sure he has been supportive throughout our relationship, but not in the way I wanted him to be, but today was different, he said the right things, did the right things, he was doing everything so correctly, that I didn’t feel angry when he said he was busy. I was okay with him asking me for his own time. I didn’t feel even a little anger and instead I was happy he was working hard.

I’m happy about my love life evolving. And to celebrate this happiness, I got out of my PJ’s and wore my gym pants and sports bra heading to the gym. I just realized, how my content and topic don’t go together. but so what . take care.


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