Clearing my MIND.

Even though I just posted what processed through my mind at the moment of the action, after a cold shower and a good barf, I still had few questions which I needed to answer.

  1. Do I tell valentine, about this conversation with my dad?
  2. How do I focus on my career and help him too?
  3. What should I reply to my dad, even though he didn’t ask me anything, because he thinks I’m a waste of space. According to him, if I was smart, I wouldn’t have dropped out of college thrice.

These three questions were to be answered before I sleep to shut my thoughts and sleep well. For the first answer, I think I’ll pass for now, tell him later, because he just started his business and I couldn’t give him this kind of discouragement. I tell him, just not now.Answer to the second question can’t be determined, I mean I have to learn to balance my life, which I’m really bad at. I should make this all about learning how to balance. Third question I think ill just leave it for the future to reveal. I didn’t have to explain each and every move of mine, as long as I was clear about what I want. Again which my dad believe, I’m not capable of making these kinds of decisions, which may , may not be true, but I wont stop trying because someone thinks I’m I cant, then I would be a loser.


I think I  have got most out of my chest, now I can sleep well.




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