When everything back fires.

 15th February, generally known as the breakup day. I didn’t know it would be applicable to me so much , until now. 

According to my parents, my boyfriend is a bad news, so they asked me to be away from him, stop keeping in touch, which I did for a  while.

And on the other hand is my boyfriend, who doesn’t understand what low profile means.I told him I could talk to him through mails, if he made sure, my parents didn’t knew we were in touch. I asked him one little thing and he screwed it up bad. 

Today my mom saw, our Valentine’s Day celebration pictures on whatsapp. And them it all started to go down. I was labelled as non trusting, selfish, and lot of other words which summed up to a prostitute. 

Now she is not talking to me, and I’m not talking to him. And my dad is ignoring the whole situation like it ain’t happening. 



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